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15 varieties,
45 flavours to choose from.

Two chocolately tisanes. Two pouty pinups.

Chocolatey richness and warmth

Chocolate is a typically sweet preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, made in the form of a liquid, paste, powder or block. The earliest evidence of use traces to the Olmecs of Mexico in 1900 BC. The majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Maya and Aztecs. Today chocolate is one of the world’s most popular foods and a vast number of foodstuffs involving chocolate have been created, particularly desserts, including: cakes, pudding, mousse, chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Chocolate & Chilli

    A fruit tisane with a rich chocolate aroma and a spicy chilli warmth.

    Ingredients: Apple, chilli, chocolate, cocoa, safflower & strawberry

  • Chocolate & Coconut

    The decadence of chocolate and coconut blended with rooibos.

    Ingredients: Rooibos, chocolate, Koko Samoa & coconut