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A tea for
every taste.

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Something for every customer.

With a range of over 40 collectable and delectable varieties, Golden Panther Tea has something for every taste. Our teas will spark the imagination of heady herbalists, surprise the gumboot traditionalists and tempt even the most devout coffee quaffers.

Tea for you & me

Golden Panther Tea aims to rekindle the ritualisation of tea enjoyment, taking it from a consumptive process into one of social connection, harmony, spiritual rejuvenation and mindfulness.

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Furnish your café counter with a selection of Golden Panther Teas and give your customers a new experience to savour and share. Or, order them for home, for gift-giving, for relaxation, meditation and me-time – or just for fun.

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Ethical & sustainable

Each Golden Panther Tea has been carefully sourced in accordance with our strict commitment to ‘be nice to the world’. We choose only ingredients that we know promote workers’ rights and fair incomes, and positive environmental practices.

Many of our ingredients are sourced from Samoa, where we have been working with families since 2009 to generate income from the diverse range of crops they grow literally in their backyards: cinnamon, lemongrass, chilli, ginger, coconut, mango, pineapple and vanilla to name a few.

We hope that when you savour our Golden Panther Teas you enjoy them all the more, knowing their production has supported families just like yours.