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Green Tea

Aromatic, healthful and earthy

Breathe deeply and relax. Every tea in this set is formed with green tea leaves that have been carefully steamed, rolled, dried, and enriched to create refined, therapeutic liqours.

Aromatic. Grassy. Mellow. Astringent. Strong. Smokey. Soft. Spicey. Ripe. Minty. This set of pure and flavoured green teas — sourced from Japan and China — is a menagerie of flavour.

Tea boxes in this set juxtapose baroque decoration against the functional, rectilinear forms of Modernist architecture — a meditation on the indeterminancy of aesthetic beauty.

Sencha box artwork
Gunpowder box artwork
Jasmine Dragon Pearls box artwork
Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Morrocan Mint Green Tea box artwork
Morrocan Mint Green Tea
Quince & Ginger Green Tea box artwork
Quince & Ginger Green Tea
Lime Green Tea box artwork
Lime Green Tea
Cinnamon Green Tea box artwork
Cinnamon Green Tea
Mango Green Tea box artwork
Mango Green Tea