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The Golden
Panther Boxsets

Golden Panther gift box with individual tea boxes protruding from the top opening

Small pleasures.

The Golden Panther Boxsets are five compilations of our favourite Golden Panther teas. Each dapper gold and black gift box includes eight boutique teas — selected from our full range — that will appeal to every appetite.

Tough choices.

Every Golden Panther Boxset brims with new favourites (and old friends). Which ones will you choose?

Every taste,
every occasion.

Golden Panther Tea aims to rekindle the ritualisation of tea enjoyment. Order Golden Panther for home, for gift-giving, for relaxation, meditation and me-time – or just for fun.

From Me to You

Show friends, family, and acquaintances (or yourself!) that you understand that life moves swiftly — buy time to reflect, restore, and reinvigorate. The charming box art and warm, pleasing flavours of Golden Panther tea promote hearty conversation, introspection, and contentment.

Just Add Water

Golden Panther tea is a loose-leaf tea that can be brewed in any household teapot. We recommend steeping the leaves in near-boiling water — it is essential to breathe deeply before every sip, and say 'ahh' immediately afterwards.

One For Now. One For Later.

Every box in the set contains two servings of tea: one for now, and one for later. Push the Dilmah to the back of the cupboard; the Golden Panther Gift Box includes sixteen sophisticated servings that rekindle the ritualisation of tea.

Ethical & sustainable

Each Golden Panther Tea has been carefully sourced in accordance with our strict commitment to ‘be nice to the world’. We choose only ingredients that we know promote workers’ rights and fair incomes, and positive environmental practices.

Not just tea.

  • Golden Panther gift boxes. Depicts the gold-foiled box art comprised of a panther silhouette with art deco trim
    A beautifully crafted gift box decorated with sumptuous gold-foil stamped detailing.
  • Golden Panther tea box in three states. The first state shows the matchbox-sized box's illustrated outer sleeve; the second shows the inner box with two chambers full of tea; the third shows the empty chambers with 'one for now, one for later' printed underneath the tea leaves
    Eight collectable boxes of our favourite Golden Panther tea. Each box contains two servings.
  • Mosaic of Golden Panther tea boxes

    A Golden Panther poster with ingredients and tasting notes.

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